About me


I am tired of hiding who I am.  What I feel, what life gives me, and how I respond.  Why did I?  I’m not sure….Maybe I believed it was the way to stay safest in this world.  Maybe I had learnt somewhere to be ashamed of my tears, my loves, my mistakes, my dreams – but these are universal, and what make us feel human, alive, and strive to become better people.

Strive to find the bigger meaning.

Strive to express it.   Share it.  Us.  Me.

Poetry and prose, art-making, stories and photography are my main media of expression.  I’d like to share what I can of these with me, and you – maybe they will resonate, and make a connection between us, or with yourself.

Whatever they do for you, thanks for taking the time to read them



5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Anne

    Alison, i did not know about this wonderfull page! love to read your poems! did not know about them either! wonderful to see the paintings! Thank you for sharing I could not do this, i hardly can write anything on a word doc on my laptop. THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIEND xxxx Anne


    • thanks Anne x it is a bit exposing, as its from m heart and life, but it feels good to share especially if it resonates with people and they can feel less alone in their life experiences 🙂
      Please do share my link.


  2. I have only just begin to explore the wonders hidden in these pages – (which otherwise would have snuggled secretly in the realms of Cyber space)…But by chance i have come across this place. The poetry is Magnificent and Moving and Raw and Real. Cheers to your honesty and well done 🙂 looking forward to more


  3. Pete the Punk

    In our life time we will meet people who affect us deeply. Ali you are one of those people. I was lucky enough to grow up and around you. Good mate’s, terrors in skool, different and yet the same. sometimes looking at the stars and sometimes reaching for them. Thanx for sharing. Pete the Punk 😉

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